Your Superpower…

In my experience, most human beings are interested and curious about what they can do to increase their odds of living a long, quality life – without being bankrupt by their health care costs.

I’m on a mission to share with you your amazing skill of adaptation. You are always adapting to your environment. You are pretty damn incredible.

Adaptation IS your superpower. You may have more superpowers of course, I just happen to know we all share this one.

Q: Is our adaptation to our modern environment a positive thing?

A: Only time will tell. We may speciate into an entirely new animal who is pain-free, disease-free, and fully adapted to living indoors under fluorescent lights.

Bonus points if you come up with this new guy’s name. 😉

I’ll offer this insight. In your life, you’ve been shaped by your chair, shaped by your footwear, shaped by the food you eat, shaped by your relationship with sleep, shaped by your relationship with others, shaped by the house you live in, your commute to work, shaped by that bike you ride, or that pool you swim in, shaped by that screen you look at, and those glasses you wear. Even shaped by the clothes that you choose. Your shape (meaning – your literal size, shape, flexibility, structural alignment, the bacterial community that you house, the thoughts/beliefs you hold, the energy you have, the pain you feel, the calluses you develop, the mental state that you’re in, the health issues you may face…) is the cumulative result of your environment over the course of your life (and beyond).

You adapt to those things that you experience in life.

AND, whether you know it or not, Adaptoman (maybe that’s your superhero name), you’re actually a superorganism. Your microbial community, commonly referred to as your microbiota makes up 90% of the cells in your body. It is busy responding to your/their environment to. And nearly instantaneously. They are turning out to be an über important part of our health puzzle.

[Too soon? Sorry – I’ll take it slower.]

Because you are the only person who’s experienced your life, there can be no one-size-fits-all approach to gaining health, since we’ve all got a unique starting point.

This is where you come in. To be the expert in you. Because you have to be.

And this is where I like to help.

You can be your own expert – and this will help you shift from health care to self care.


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