Yes, I understand.

What is this Humanosity that I speak of? And why on Earth would I invest my hard-earned cash to cultivate this made up thing?

In short, if you struggle with any issue that you consider to be health-related, that you’ve had a hell of a time trying to fix using conventional methods, then you will benefit from this experience.

My aim is to provide you with the tools to evaluate your own relationship with this modern world for the purpose of gaining health.

This is self-care >>> and it will ultimately trump health care.

I didn't have one "ah-ha" moment, I had several. I have spent a lot of time worrying about my health and my weight but I never correlated it to my whole well being. I find life, nowadays, so compartmentalised that it is hard to see the big picture, the 10,000ft level. To take the time to step back and ponder all areas of life. Thanks to you I took that time, took that step back and wondered, enjoyed and changed. Even if it was little bits at a time, it amounted to changes in how and what my family eats, how we spend our time, how much we laugh, how often we wear shoes and run in the grass barefoot! I even spent a night doing cartwheels in my backyard with my kids (and it's been a lot of years since this body did a cartwheel!). Thank you Meredith for giving me the kick in the ass to take that step back and ponder and change. Being a fellow scientist, I loved the stats, graphs, comparisons and experiments.

Robyn K.

To me, Humanosity defines the ‘ah-ha’ moment or tipping point that only a lucky few people get to experience. It’s being genuinely curious about ourselves, and it’s being open to possibilities that are not necessarily conventional approaches (but should be).

We all have such uniquely different stories, but we’re bound together by one thing: we’re human beings.

Back to this uniquely different story thing. Every single one of us has been informed and shaped by our modern lives. No two of us have had quite the same experiences. Our current health and perspective is different, and therefore require different approaches. So shit. That’s a tall order for any health practitioner to fill.

ENTER: YOU, the expert in YOU.

Meredith does a great job of bringing up topics each week that really help women take a minute to focus on themselves and prioritize their health amoungst the many other competing priorities that come with the territory of being female. It feels like she is talking directly to you with compassion, humor, and a breadth of scientific knowledge to back up what she is saying. Her words will empower you to get the health you have always wanted by looking at things that have far deeper impact on our minds and bodies than just calories and exercise.

Jill E.

We live here on this planet in a time like no other on the history of this planet. In our westernized culture, we get to decide what to eat, we don’t question whether or not we’re eating food, we are cooped up inside, we are working when we should be sleeping, we can’t remember the last joyful experience that we had, we are stressed by made up things, we have food allergies, we have wrist-watches to stare at, we can pay someone to deliver us pizza, we think we have to run on treadmills to be healthy. We are isolated – when human beings are supposed to be pack animals.

There is so much that we can influence here.

I’ve taken this journey myself, from person blissfully unaware of how my environment influences my health (um… that was infertility, hair-loss, ocular migraines, extra heart-beats & on a couple of prescription meds to ‘cure it all’), to person who let’s her primal instinct guide her, who looks at life on Earth with awe, who adopts the perspective of a child every now and then, who craves community & support, and who has become the expert in herself.

I know me now. I want to help you to know you better. 

This is a small, finite investment in the grand scheme of things, that has the potential to pay itself back in quality years to your life, and millions of dollars in the bank (’cause bye-bye pocketbook-draining health management system).

No joke.

This Humanosity Community is based on a 52-Week email series that I created a couple of years ago. Each week I wrote about a human health topic and provided homework. In this community, you can access those words, and do the homework, and chat with other people in the forum, people doing the same self-assessment as you.  You can even participate in group coaching sessions. While it’s a year-long adventure, you’ll have lifetime access.

My biggest 'ah-ha' was when I finally started connecting with myself. Realizing when my body was stressed. Knowing when I was hungry or full. Listening when everything against me was rallying against the path that I was trying to force myself to walk down. Instead of seeing my body as the enemy (like all the diet campaigns love to tell you) I started treating myself as my best friend.

I'm so much happier! Meredith, I can't even find words for how happy and healthy I am. I don't force myself to exercise, I enjoy my movement. I listen to my body when I'm tired or hungry or stressed. I've found a new connection with myself. I don't get stress headaches anymore, I don't feel like I'm standing still while the world moves around me.
If you want to start feeling more human and more in love with yourself, you should read this! Stop feeling guilty about things you do and start learning/remembering how to live.

Jessie M.

So, give it a go. What do you have to lose?


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